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Four industry leading technology companies who are collaborating and innovating together to provide cemeteries with a customized solution - making data flow seamlessly with ala carte options to fit any cemetery organization's unique needs.

At the core of Pontem's Cemetery Management System is a powerful Data Manager that allows users to track all information about Properties, Owners, Decedents and more via an intuitive user interface designed to make the system as easy to learn and use.

Users can view and print dozens of professional-looking reports and forms including custom deeds and certificates. Managing multiple cemeteries? No problem! With Pontem you can maintain an unlimited number of cemeteries within one database. Data fields can also be easily customized to meet a cemetery's unique needs.

In an extended solution, the Data Manager acts as a 'hub' for sharing data in an an easy and efficient way with other best-in-class industry products such as accounting, mobile apps, and 360o imaging.

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Only Pontem provides customers with a choice of two options for integrated mapping. This means you’ll have options that meet your needs, goals, and budget regardless of whether your properties are large or small.
Our GIS mapping is engineered with Esri® technology and is a top choice of Municipal cemeteries and Cemeteries managing properties measuring 10 acres and up.
Our super affordable Standard Mapping option is a budget friendly choice for cemeteries under 15 acres looking for a simple solution that gets the job done. Standard Mapping customers can often use scans of existing maps with their software.
Both mapping options work great with Pontem’s online Burial Search and with our Partner integrations.

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Pontem allows for the automatic real-time publishing of your cemetery’s burial data to your existing website. Online burial search includes basic information as well as options for genealogy and dynamic mapping. Pontem’s device-responsive design ensures your site’s visitors will always have a great experience, whether using a PC, tablet, or smartphone. Those accessing your online map with a smartphone can even use the GPS data to navigate to a grave.

Data hosted in your Online Burial Search can be further leveraged with Kiosk, GPS Memorial Pages, 360 Imagery and more.

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Use the Osiris Accounting management option to leverage the information stored in your Data Manager and use it to build sales contracts, manage invoices, installment payments, and cash receipts. Osiris includes a built-in synchronization with QuickBooks, or allows easy data export for use with other accounting software.

Offered by WebCemeteries, digital memorials on your website allow for sharing of precious memories and connection with families. While WebCemeteries’ digital memorial pages are an amazing tool all on their own, it’s even better to know they are seamlessly integrated with Pontem’s Data Manager and Online Burial Search allowing for automated creation and publishing whenever you add a new burial to your system.

Publish your own branded mobile app with GPS navigation to loved ones, notable burials, and featured properties. The accuracy of navigation is tremendously enhanced when combined with GPS data derived from GIS maps.

With Cemetery360's Ground level imaging, consumers can enter a ground-level, 360-degree view of a cemetery and interact with it through an immersive, life-like experience. Cemetery360.com provides the industry a way to promote their business and offerings remotely, during in-home presentations, and year-round, where weather conditions restrict in-person visits. Cemetery360’s features can be easily embedded into Pontem’s Online Burial Search, where GIS data links decedent information with the nearest ground-view picture.

Cemetery360 is also the first to offer a Cemetery Listing Service (CemLS) to showcase available plots. CemLS links a global identification number to specific plot listings and is fully integrated with cemetery360.com