Designed To Handle The Entire Tax Process From Beginning To End


Pontem's Property Tax Administration is a suite of applications designed to handle the entire tax process from beginning to end.  It’s ideal for users not only in Pontem’s home state of Michigan, but local governments and counties across the country.



Detailed Product Information

Pontem Tax Administration


At the core of Pontem's Tax Administration software is a powerful data manager that allows users to automate routine tasks associated with parcel maintenance, tax bill preparation, tax collection, and general parcel inquiries all from one easy to use screen.


Custom-tailored to your state's requirements, tax rolls/bills can be calculated at the touch of a button. Appraisal data can be automatically imported, tax bills can be exported for third-party printing or print your own customized tax bills.


The software easily integrates with your community's GIS maps and supports an automated lock box/escrow feature for easy, secure tax collection. Dozen of standard reports are included or you can easily set up your own.


Combined with Patriot Properties' AssessPro, the most comprehensive Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal (CAMA) property assessement tool on the market today, Pontem provides an unparalleled, full-circle software solution for property tax management professionals.



Delinquent Tax Management

Preparing delinquent tax rolls, managing delinquent bills, and generating official reports are as easy as 1-2-3 with Pontem's integrated Delinquent Tax module.



Online Services

Save time and money with Pontem's Online Property Tax Service. Taxpayers, realtors, and banks can easily view parcel information and even pay tax bills online.



Image/Document Management

Like an electronic filing cabinet, Pontem's integrated Image/Document Management feature enables you to scan, associate, and view an unlimited number of images with each parcel record.