Leverage the Power of Your Cemetery's Burial Record Database with Pontem's Online Services


Manage your cemetery's burial records by maintaining them in-house, or use cloud computing on the Internet? With Pontem's Online Services there's no need to choose -- we give you the best of both worlds.


You maintain complete control by storing and managing your cemetery's records on your own in-house computer or network but Pontem's Online Service Suite enables you to harness the power of your database and the Internet to broaden your cemetery's reach, position it as an essential community resource, and attract and capture new customers and sales.



Online Burial Search

Reduce staff time spent on fielding repetitive inquiries and provide a valuable public service with Pontem's Online Burial Search featuring genealogical information.


Kiosk Information System

Serve the public more efficiently while freeing staff to handle other important cemetery tasks with Pontem's turn-key, self-serve Kiosk Information System featuring American-made Bruin Kiosks.


Mobile Applications

Living Memorial Pages, Self-Guided Walking Tours and the ability to handle cemetery Administrative Tasks right from the field thanks to seamless integration with webCemeteries.com.